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Your Data Center servers are only as reliable as the Cooling System that protect them ...

Choosing the correct cooling system is essential to the overall health of your data center. Servers and other sensitive electronic equipment can be severely compromised by poor air distribution and temperature fluctuations that can lead to diminished life expectancy and high energy costs.

Many Data Centers provide cooling far in excess of what is needed due to ineffective mixing of cold and warm air prior to entering the server intakes. This phenomenon can be corrected by strategically placed racks and hot isle/cold isle separation utilizing blank-off panels.

AC Logix has the ability to understand your specific environment and offer a cost effective solution to meet your immediate and long term cooling needs. We can provide an on-site evaluation to review the entire room layout including rack and cabinet densities, colling applications, temperature and humidity readings, air distribution, obstructions, outside air influences and solar load gains.

We provide in-house turnkey installations for most environmental control applications, including Process Piping, Air Handlers, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Dry-coolers, High Density In-Row Precision Cooling and Economizing "Free Cooling" alternatives to meet today's challenges of carbon footprint reductions and lower operating energy costs.